14.11.2017 Tallinn
MenТs Vocal Ensemble
Laureate of international contests
BLAGOVEST (Minsk, Belarus).
Artistic Director: Sergey Agranovich.          

Concerts of this eminent menТs vocal ensemble from Belarus, whose performances are characterized by exceptional intelligence and charm of stylistic accuracy, will be held in Estonia as part of the International Festival of Sacred Music CREDO.
Tolisten to choral music, whether it is church chants or folk songs, sometimes you need to be in a special mood. The time before Christmas, which has been accompanied by folk singing and Christmas church services since ancient times, is an excellent period for this. That is why the festival programme includes the performance of outstanding Belarusian musicians united in the menТs ensemble УBlagovestФ. Their performances show not only the deepness and full tone of male voices, but also high competence allowing them to deal with various styles of music.  
This vocal group was established in 2007 and very quickly has become an important part of the musical life of the country. This creative team is known not only in Belarus, but also in Russia, Poland, France, Germany, and other countries. Its Artistic Director is Sergey Agranovich, choirmaster of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus.
The ensemble is often invited to participate in various church and social events. In 2009, it twice became a laureate of international festivals of sacred music, and thereafter started presenting its programs in Europe. Particularly, in May 2011 the group was a laureate of the 51th International Festival of Sacred Music in Loreto (Italy) where it presented the Republic of Belarus for the first time in more than half a century of the existence of the Festival (the choir continued their triumph at Italian festivals in 2012).  
The ensemble includes singers from various parishes of Minsk, which allows the choir to fulfill its main purpose in the best way, i.e. to promote the musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church. However, its repertoire consists of not only church music from znamenny chants to works of composers of the twentieth century, but also classic works of Russian and foreign authors, as well as Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. Slavonic ritual songs will also be performed at the upcoming concert.  
You may listen to recorded performances of the vocal ensemble here http://www.blagowest.by/index.php/mediafiles/audioHowever, beware: you may fall in love in such an intelligent and charming soundingЕ  

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