25.11.2017 Tartu
On 25 November 2017, 19.00
Tartu St Paul's Church


The ensemble of ancient Russian sacred music Sirin, conducted by Andrey Kotov (Moscow, Russia)

The program includes the following: liturgical chants of the XVI-XVIII centuries, znamenny chants, linear and demestvenny polyphony, early partes, monastery chants, spiritual verses, psalms, and wassail songs.

"The music that we perform speaks of the eternal. Listen to what all these songs are telling! They contain reflections on the birth, death, and existence of God and the root cause of creation of the world. In short, they address questions raised, one way or another, by everybody, ever those who got stuck in a daily routine. These questions have always been important, they are important today and were important ten centuries ago. Forms and ways using which people tried to express their feelings changed. However, subject matters are always releveant and understandable to everyone"

Andrei Kotov
The ensemble of ancient Russian sacred music Sirin was created in 1989 by a group of professional musicians who united in order to bring the ancient Orthodox singing traditions back to life. Combining research and performing activities and based on the achievements of musical experts and philologists, the ensemble musicians are seeking to give a new life to the ancient Russian chants of the XV-XVIII centuries. The ensemble repertoire is really wide: it includes znamenny, putevoy, demestvenny, Kiev, Bulgarian, Greek, and various monastery chants, early forms of Russian polyphony, early Russian partes.
       The unique area of the ensembles activity is the collection, study and performance of spiritual verses, the distinctive genre of folk music and poetry, which has preserved and brought the Orthodox philosophy of life of the Russian people over many centuries.The unique repertoire and style of performanc, the highest level of singing culture make the Sirin ensemble successful, and therefore the concert activity of the ensemble has always been wide and diverse. It has taken part in many medieval and spiritual music festivals in Russia and abroad. The performances of Sirin ensemble are extremely popular in both the Motherland and European countries, Asia, Africa and Americas. 
    In its activity, Sirin definitely uses its knowledge of the liturgical practice. The ensemble is in constant search, bringing ancient works back to life and creating new forms that arouse keen interest of leading contemporary composers. In cooperation with leading contemporary directors, the ensemble has created several theatrical performances highly valued by the public and leading critics, namely: mystery Lamentations of Jeremiah directed by famous Anatoly Vasiliev: more than 150 performances in Moscow, the performance in Catania (Sicily) during the Taormina Festival in January 1997, 4 performances at the Habbel Theater in Berlin in May 1997, 5 performances as part of the Official Festival Program in Avignon in July 1997, it earned the Golden Mask Award as the best theatrical performance of 1996, performances in Estonia, Sweden (1998) and Spain Seville and Barcelona in January 1999.
 The ensemble has also taken part in the performances Mozart and Salieri (directed by Anatoly Vasilyev, School of Dramatic Arts Theater); Overcoat (directed by Valery Fokin, Sovremennik Theater); The Ridiculous Poem (directed by Kama Ginkas, Youth Theatre); Poverty is Not a Vice (directed by Aleksandr Korshunov, Maly Theater).

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