Programme 2015
25.09.2015, 18-00
Kaasani kiriku kammerkoor (Tallinn) Ansambel Musical Travel (St.Peterburg) Kammerkoor Raduga (Tallinn)
Tallinna Kaasani kirik
25 .09.2015, kell 18.00 Vaba sissepääs Tallinna Kaasani kirik  Kaasani kiriku...
26.09.15, 19.00
Valgevene koori Salutaris kontsert
Vene Kultuurikeskus
26.09.2015, kell 19.00 Vaba sissepääs Vene Kultuurikeskus ...
27.09.2015, 19.00
27.09. 2015,kell 19.00 Tasuta piletid www.piletilevi.ee Estinia kontserdisaal  GALA-KONTS...
30.09.2015, 19.00
Iisraeli sametine hääl
Yonit Shaked Golan
Yonit Shaked Golan - The Spicy Velvety Voice Of Israel ,Shaked Golan, a unique singer, that combin...
An International festival of
Orthodox sacred music CREDOhas taken place in Estonia since 1994 and has since then been an important event of musical life every September. The festivals goal is the preservation, development and popularization of Orthodox musical culture. Masterly performances, a wide variety of concert programmes and a considerable increase in the interest in Orthodox culture among the contemporary world, give promise of a great European-scale event.
Church and monastery choirs, amateur and folk choirs,secular choirs that have Orthodox repertoire, and childrens choirs of high masterly execution participate in the festival.
One of the festivals aims is a study of reception of ancient Orthodox culture in contemporary sacred music.
An International festival of Orthodox sacred music CREDO has been receiving support from the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Art, and Municipality of Tallinn.
The International festival of Orthodox music CREDO is a member of an Estonian Music Festivals Association since the autumn 2002, and together with it the festival is a member of an European Festivals Association (EFA) since the autumn 2002.
The 21st International Festival of Orthodox Sacred Music CREDO
from 24th of September till 30th of September,2015. Tallinn, Estonia
Office of the International Festival of Orthodox Sacred Music CREDO:
Tallinn post office PO. Box 3455, 10506 Tallinn, Estonia
phone: (+372) 513 22 13
Tel./faks: 64 55 197
e-mail: credo@festivalcredo.com

© 2006 CREDO.